FIMCO Tank Cleaner and Neutralizer 32 oz.

  • Item #: 5173029
  • Mfg #: 1802362
  • $19.99

Product Description

FIMCO’s Tank Cleaner and Neutralizer will maximize the life of your sprayer by effectively cleaning and neutralizing your sprayer tank, pump and plumbing components.  The completely soluble powder removes dirt, scale and rust from spray booms and tanks as well as neutralizes the spray chemicals previously used in your equipment.  To reduce corrosion in tanks and pumps we recommend flushing sprayers with our cleaner and neutralizer after each use.

Product Features

  • Cleans seals and valves ensuring longer pump life
  • Completely water soluble and dissolves easily ensuring the removal of all contaminates
  • Neutralizes harsh chemicals that would otherwise damage your tank
  • Removes dirt, scales and grime from tanks preventing cross contamination

Product Specs

  • Size2 lb.