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FIMCO Sprayers are designed to fertilize, eliminate weeds, get rid of pests as well as apply fungicides and herbicides for the home owner and rural American. For over 60 years FIMCO has offered the most comprehensive line of spraying and lawn and garden products on the market. The versatile line of sprayers features best in class pumps, quick release booms, broadcast booms, nozzle booms, lever spray wands and FIMCO exclusive manifolds for precision adjustment. Keep your lawn, garden, field, acreage, orchard, park or food plot healthy with our line of small, midsize and large sprayers. Perfect for fertilizing, eliminating weeds, pest control, fungicides, herbicides, watering or hydroponics. Our wide range of sprayer models from 5 gallons up to 300 gallons fit your specifications for any home, business, park, golf course, small acreage or rural application. Our products are designed and assembled in the USA with highly durable components such as pumps, parts, fittings and valves to resist corrosion from highly abrasive chemicals. Browse our selection of powerful and efficient Sprayers to find the right sprayer to apply herbicides, pesticides and other agricultural chemicals to a lawn, garden or acreage.