If you have questions about FIMCO Industries or any of our products, please browse our FAQ section below. Still not finding what you are looking for? Please reach out to us directly to get in touch with a FIMCO customer service professional at 800-831-0027 
Why does the motor not run?
  • Check for loose wiring connection.
  • Make sure on-off switches in both the lead wire assembly and on the pump motor are in the on position. – is on, O is off.
  • Check for defective pressure switch.
  • Check for low voltage at the power supply.
  • System is pressurized and pressure switch has turned the motor off.  Squeeze the lever on the handgun or open the bypass valve.
Why doesn’t the pump prime?
  • Check for air leak in supply/suction line.                                                   
  • Check for debris in check valve assembly                                     
  • Check for defective check valve.                                                 
  • Check for clogged strainer.                                                         
  • Check for crack in pump housing.         
Why is there pulsating flow (surging)?
  • Check for restriction in discharge line, or debris in nozzle orifice.   
  • Discharge hose is too long.
  • Adjustable tip on the handgun is set to too fine of a mist.  Adjust tip for more flow or slightly open the bypass valve.         
Why does the motor continue to run after the discharge is shut off?
  • Check for leak in discharge line.                                                  
  • Check for defective or dirty check valve
  • Check for defective pressure switch.
What is the recommended pressure for the trailer tires?
  • 30 PSI is recommended
How do I adjust spraying pressure?
  • Spraying pressure is adjusted using the bypass valve.  With the boom on and pump running, open or close the bypass valve to get the desired pressure.  With the bypass valve closed, you will get maximum pressure.
Why does the fuse on my pump blow?
  • Excessive voltage.  The pump is designed for use with a 12 volt system only.
  • Defective pressure switch.
  • Motor is stuck.
  • Defective wire harness.