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The UTV line of sprayers from FIMCO features tanks specifically designed to work with your off-road machine and feature brackets that are built to go over the tailgate of your UTV for boom or broadcast spraying applications. FIMCO Utility Vehicle Sprayers are designed to last from one season to the next and are built for spraying rough terrain, fields, acreages or maintaining parks and gardens. Add flexibility to your UTV Sprayers with a wide variety of premium parts and accessories. Our exclusive broadcast nozzle bodies and spray tips include on/off valves and drip free nozzles to only spray where you want to spray. The included Deluxe Pistol Grip Spray Wand with adjustable spray pattern distributes up to 40 feet horizontal spray, 28 feet of vertical spray and comes with 25 feet of 3/8 inch hose to allow increased versatility to spray fence lines, around buildings, trees and other isolated areas your UTV vehicles can’t quite fit in. All UTV Sprayers feature the best in class self-priming High Flo High Performance Pump with inline fuse protection. The pumps have a built-in pressure switch to turn pump on and off, have chemical resistant components, can run dry without damage and have a cooling fan to promote longevity and efficiency. Our UTV Sprayers are made for large volume applications and can easily handle over 3 acres of land or fields. Browse our selection of powerful and efficient UTV Sprayers to find the right sprayer to apply herbicides, pesticides and other agricultural chemicals to a lawn, garden or acreage.