5/16" Lock Washer

  • Item #: 5016026
  • Mfg #: LW 516ZV
  • $0.49

Product Description

The FIMCO 5/16" Lock Washer creates a tight assembly and places tension against a nut to prevent loosening due to vibration. Designed to reinforce the connection of bolts and screws. Replaces the lock washer on some FIMCO Trailer and Skid Sprayers.

Product Features

  • Fits FIMCO ATVTS-60-4R trailer sprayer
  • Fits FIMCO SK-61-4R and SK-61-4R-HR skid sprayers
  • Fits FIMCO TR-40-GAS trailer sprayer
  • OEM replacement part

Product Specs

  • Manufacturers Warranty1 yr Consumer / 90 day Commercial
  • MaterialSteel
  • TypeOEM Replacement Part