TeeJet DirectoValve AA6B Manual Control Valve

  • Item #: 5143316
  • Mfg #: AA6B
  • $70.39

Product Description

The TeeJet DirectoValve AA6B Manual Control Valve can be connected together with a hex nipple for multiple boom control. Control valve is constructed of polypropylene with a maximum allowed pressure of 150 PSI.  Large 12.5 GPM flow capacity at 5 PSI pressure drop.  Contains mold-in mounting flange and blind 1/4" NPT gauge port.  Valve can be easily repaired without having to remove from spray line.  Built to replace control valve on some FIMCO 3 Point, Trailer and Skid Sprayers.

Product Features

  • Fits FIMCO LG-55-3PT and LG-60-3PT 3 point sprayers
  • Fits FIMCO SK-61-4R and SK-61-4R-HR skid sprayers
  • Fits FIMCO TR-40-GAS trailer sprayer
  • OEM replacement part

Product Specs

  • TypeOEM Replacement Part