#10-24 x 1.50" PH Truss Head Machine Screw

  • Item #: 5117338
  • Mfg #: Y10CT24RZF
  • $0.29

Product Description

The FIMCO #10-24 x 1.50" Phillips Truss Head Machine Screw is corrosion and water resistant to fasten metal parts together. An extra wide truss head reduces the likelihood of crushing thin material by distributing holding pressure. The strong fully threaded Truss Head Machine Screws can be installed into existing or predrilled holes on our FIMCO Sprayers.

Product Features

  • Attaches 2.1 - 4.5 GPM High Flo pumps and manifold bracket to poly sprayer tanks
  • OEM replacement part

Product Specs

  • MaterialSteel
  • TypeOEM Replacement Part