FIMCO ATV Dry Material Spreader

  • Item #: 5301845
  • Mfg #: ATV-DMS-12V
  • $549.99

Product Description

The FIMCO ATV Dry Material Spreader easily disperses seed, dry granular fertilizer, pesticides, ice melt and other dry materials. Spreader includes rain cover to protect dry materials from adverse elements and mounting brackets to attach to most standard ATV cargo racks and bolts to dry material spreader frame. You can also purchase an optional 2 inch hitch mounting bracket for larger UTV and standard pickups. The 12 volt motor with variable speed control allows you to vary the spread width from 5 feet to 45 feet. Versatile and easy to use, the FIMCO ATV Dry Material Spreader features a 2.2 cubic foot capacity poly hopper that holds up to 145 lbs of material and a stainless steel radial 6 blade fan. The material spreader applies product evenly over the entire yard or surface, resulting in less product waste, less time and less effort. The best easy-to-use ATV spreader for medium-size to large jobs in parks, parking lots, lawns, pastures, ball fields, acreages and small farms.

 Product Manual

Product Features

  • Adjustable slide gate allows you to control the rate of material used
  • Compact molded polymer hopper holds 145 lbs of material
  • Made for these types of dry material applications: fertilizer, seed, bait, pellets, ice melting pellets and granular insecticides, fungicides and herbicides
  • Stainless steel radial fan is spot welded and designed for precise material distribution
  • Variable speed controller allows you to monitor width of material spread
  • Water resistant rain cover protects material from moisture and clumping

Product Specs

  • Manufacturers Warranty1 yr Consumer / 90 day Commercial
  • Capacity (Cubic Ft.)2.2
  • MaterialPoly