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Fimco uses two different types of spray tips on its boomed sprayers.



Two nozzle booms are used on the ATV-15-2, ATV-20-2, 15 through 30 gallon trailer sprayers and ATVBK-200 boom kit. This boom uses TeeJet’s TF-VP3 tips with quick caps to perfectly align the tips maximum application efficiency. Tips are spaced 40 inches apart. They spray a very wide angle pattern with a course droplet. They work well with common broadleaf weed killers and lawn insect control chemicals.



The five nozzle and larger booms use TeeJet’s AIXR tips spaced 20 inches apart. TeeJet AIXR series tips utilize air induction technology to create larger droplets that provide improved drift reduction, while the 110 degree spray angle allows you to run the boom closer to the ground and still get the overlap necessary for complete coverage. The self-aligning caps orient the tips for proper overlap and make changing or cleaning tips a snap.

These tips will still work with the previous chemicals and will provide a finer more even spray pattern. They work better when you need a more thorough coverage for fungicides and some less common weed killers.



The actual amount of spray applied is a combination of pressure and driving speed. 
****The faster you drive, the less spray will be applied.  The slower you drive, the more spray will be applied. 
****The lower the pressure, the less spray will be applied.  The higher the pressure, the more spray will be applied. 

The owner’s manual for your sprayer will have a chart to help you calibrate your sprayer.


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