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Fimco Industries is headquartered in North Sioux City, SD and is the largest manufacturer of lawn and garden sprayers in the United States. It has a complete line of sprayers from a 5 gallon home owner model through a 1000 gallon agricultural field sprayer.

Fimco has expanded its product line in recent years to also include a line of lawn attachments and trailer carts. Its most recent innovation is a 12 volt dry material spreader with a variable width spread from 5 to 45 feet. In addition to manufacturing its own line of products, Fimco is also a parts distributor for some of the biggest names in spraying such as TeeJet, Hypro, Banjo and Norwesco. Look to Fimco for all of your spraying equipment needs.

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The DLC is where you can download anything from manuals, catalogs, photos to FIMCO logos. Even 3D drawings are available!   Compare different FIMCO units! Designed to help you decide which unit will best fit your needs.   Be able to download and flip through pages of the FIMCO catalog. A very handy tool when looking for quality FIMCO products.
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