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Cover all terrains with our wide selection of FIMCO ATV Boom or Broadcast Boom Sprayers. Perfect for lots, food plots and acreages from 1 to 3 acres. Our ATV Sprayers are assembled in the USA with premium components and feature quick release booms in both broadcast and nozzle booms, with lever or pistol grip spray wands designed to deliver maximum coverage on a small acreage, ranch or park. The 7 Nozzle boom option offers 12 feet of total spray coverage and our FIMCO exclusive manifold conveniently places pressure control and boom operation at your fingertips to fine tune the spray application while in the field. The 3 Nozzle broadcast boom ATV Sprayers offer 36 feet of total spray coverage along with the FIMCO exclusive manifold which allows pressure control and the ability to fine tune the spray application while spraying in the field. Our quick release boom kits convert your standard spot sprayer into an ATV boom sprayer for added versatility. Quick release mounting brackets make removing the boom for storage easy and efficient. The standard adjustable lever spray wand can spray up to 15 feet high with a 30-foot horizontal spray distance and allows you to choose a spray pattern between stream or cone. An easy to use design features an integrated trigger lock to provide a constant pressure and spray. The pistol grip spray wand can spray up to 28 feet high and 40 feet horizontally and allows you to choose between stream or cone spray pattern.