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Fimco uses 12 volt diaphragm pumps on its sprayers.  These pumps utilize pistons that vibrate back and forth in a sealed chamber.  As the piston moves away from the check valve assembly, it creates a vacuum that draws the spray past a check valve into the chamber.  As the piston moves back toward the check valve assembly, it forces water through vents and out past a second check valve.



12 volt pumps are rated at "open flow".  This rating is the amount of water that the pump can move dumping out of the discharge side of the pump with no restrictions.  Pressure is created by restricting the flow by means of the tips on the boom or the adjustable tip on the spray wand.  Therefore the actual output will be reduced from the rated capacity.

High Flo Gold Series pumps are designed to spray a large variety of Agricultural and Lawn & Garden chemicals diluted in water.  They are not built to pump petroleum products such as diesel fuel, kerosene or gasoline.  Pumping these products will lead to pump failure and will void the warranty.  Additionally, you should never use these pumps to pump any flammable fluids. The motors are not sealed and could ignite flammable vapors, causing injury or death.  Other materials to avoid are bleach, paint and stains.

Fimco recommends that you purchase and spray liquid formulations of pesticides.  Wettable powders, soluble granules, and other dry formulations will not always dissolve completely and can either plug the strainer or build up inside the pump, causing it to fail.

If you must use a dry chemical formulation, you should first use a separate container to form a slurry that can be added to the water in the tank and then mixed.  The proper mixing procedure is to fill the tank ½ full and then add and mix the chemical and then fill the tank the rest of the way.

If yours pump starts to lose pressure or you notice a decrease in flow, check the strainer to see if it is being clogged by foreign materials. 

When you are done spraying, you should fill the tank part way with clean water and spray clean water out the handgun and boom.  Refill the tank ½ full with plain water and use a chemical neutralizer such as Fimco Tank Neutralizer and Cleaning Agent and repeat the cleaning process.  Fimco also recommends that you not mix more spray than can be sprayed in a day and that if you have leftover spray in the tank that you still rinse the pump and plumbing. 

At the end of the season, clean the sprayer a final time and drain out all of the water paying special attention to the pump, handgun and valves.  Then winterize the sprayer by pumping RV antifreeze through the entire plumbing system.


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